Cloud could save the Federal government billions

Cloud could save the Federal governmenyMigrating services and applications to the cloud could save the Federal government as much as $18.9 billion annually, according to a MeriTalk study sponsored by AT&T.

The report also found that agencies with fully incorporated cloud strategies saved about 18 percent annually for 50 percent greater savings than agencies with only a limited cloud strategy.

“While cloud is not appropriate for every agency, in every instance, there’s no question it can deliver compelling efficiencies for many, if not most, applications,” said AT&T government solutions vice president of technology, Chris Smith. “And we’re seeing increased appetite from government customers for cloud conversion strategies – especially around community cloud solutions, which, for many agencies, represent an appealing mix of the cost, security, and feature choices that exist around cloud.”

Despite the potential to improve efficiency and save money in the cloud, only 41 percent of agencies surveyed by MeriTalk said they were considering cloud as part of their overall IT strategy.  And only about half of agencies reported using cloud applications on limited basis.

In order to remain efficient in the current technology climate, government agencies and the private sector alike, need to adopt a cloud first mentality as the world of IT moves into the cloud.

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