Cloud based software solutions for start-ups

A cloud based software solutions for start-ups are the ideal choice because they offer faster time to value and lower total cost of ownership compared to many on-site systems.

“We are still a startup in many ways,” said James Farrell Manager of data protection services for
Catalogic Software, an organization that delivers intelligent data protection and cataloging solutions to clients around the world. “So cost is always a factor. When you have to rationalize every purchase, it’s hard to justify spending tens of thousands of dollars to stand up a single service like email or accounting—especially when we can adopt a pay-as-you-go model with no upfront licensing or hardware fees.”

In order to get the company moving quickly and reduce the burden for internal IT management, Catalogic opted for cloud based Microsoft Dynamics GP to manage their finances.

cloud based software solutions for start-ups

Catalogic Case Study

Cloud based software solutions for start-ups are popular because they offer simple set up, predictable costs, scalability, flexibility and they are ‘green friendly,’ according to an article at  The article references a survey in which it was revealed that many start-ups tend to piece together their IT infrastructure using multiple cloud based services like accounting, customer relationship management and data storage.

New organizations can create huge savings by opting for a comprehensive cloud based software solutions for start-ups.  With enterprise resource planning like Dynamics GP from myGPcloud, organizations can get enterprise level functionality in minutes without complicated set-up.  What’s more the solution is much more scalable than a bolted together infrastructure.  So when growth happens, the solution grows with the organization.

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