Business Consumers and the Digital Workspace

As personal computing trends are driving the emergence of business technology that works and looks more like consumer technology, many organizations are moving past the traditional idea that security and compliance necessitate a gap between consumer and business technologies, said Gartner in a report.

“The substantial gap between the business computing environment and the consumer computing environment is traditionally explained by reasons such as culture, security and compliance,” said Matthew Cain, research vice president at Gartner. “However, those assumptions must be re-examined. For many organizations, the partial or wholesale embracing of a consumer style of computing for business purposes will be beneficial and, in some cases, transformational.”

More and more, people expecting to have do-it-yourself functionality and on demand access to technology, services and content both in their personal lives and at work. It’s what Gartner is calling the “business consumer.”

“Individuals do not stop being consumers when they go to work. Business consumers often make more consumer-like choices in their workplace computing tools and styles to increase efficiency,” said Cain.

As work environments grow increasingly complex, and telecommuting becomes more and more popular, organizations that deploy a user-friendly digital workplace to encourage a socially active workforce will have a critical competitive advantage with the ability to tap internal and external knowledge and expertise easily.

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