World Cup Clairvoyance According to Brooks

The United States was able to hang on for the win in yesterday’s World Cup match against Ghana, thanks to John Brooks’ tie-breaking goal in the final minutes of the game.  After the game it was revealed that Brooks claims he foresaw his game-winner in a dream the night before. Conditions in the dream were eerily similar to the way it actually went down, Brooks said.  It would be great to have that kind of foresight in business.

While clairvoyance doesn’t come prepackaged, technology brings us close to it and in many ways does a better job than a dream. Let’s assume just for fun that Brooks actually did predict the future in his dream.  While it may be very cool, he wasn’t able to predict conditions on the field and then intentionally put himself in the right place at the right time and then put the ball in the right place at the right time.  It just happened the way he dreamed it.

With a cloud based business management solution like Microsoft Dynamics GP, you can get role-base business analytics and forecasting tools that allow you to manage your organizations time money and resources so you can be in the right place at the right time. Foresight in business doesn’t come easy, but with myGPcloud you can improve your forecasting abilities dramatically.

Not to take away from Brooks’ game-winner, but handling one ball is easy.  Business leaders like owners, CEOs and CFOs have to juggle multiple balls at once and win big with all of them.  Having a strong business solution in place that is accessible from anywhere at any time makes that juggling act a lot simpler.

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