Using cloud software to teach

Even with the exhaustive reporting on the shortage of tech talent, the next generation of IT and accounting professionals might not have access to enterprise software as colleges and universities around the country have experienced major budget cuts in recent years.  But can using cloud software to teach help colleges overcome the high cost of teaching enterprise software to students?  According to a recent article at, cloud not only saves students and universities money, it improves learning when properly leveraged.

Cloud technology can play a critical role in training the next generation according to Marrist College VP and CIO, William Thirsk.

“The technology has always been geared towards using and teaching enterprise-scale architectures and systems because we’ve always viewed that element as the most important part of technology: doing things at scale,” said Thirsk.

More than ten colleges currently use myGPcloud’s cloud software to teach, giving their students a cloud based Microsoft Dynamics GP solution that is enterprise scale and fully equipped.  This will likely be a continuing trend as pressure on colleges to improve post-graduate employment continues to be ratcheted up.  Hands on experience with enterprise software will prove an important part of education in the coming years, and the cloud makes that possible.

“Parents and students aren’t going to keep paying the high price for higher education without seeing better results, and a lot of schools are looking at their cost structure and deciding that managing technology is not a core discipline for them,” said Thirsk.  “But given what we teach we decided it is core to us, not just for hosting our own stuff but getting the whole organization involved in becoming a cloud provider.  The best way to learn is to do.”

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