Top 8 things to expect from an ERP solution

things to expect from an erp solutionMaybe your business has grown and now your entry-level accounting software is not getting the job done.  Or perhaps you have trouble with inventory accuracy or productivity is not where it needs to be or your current system are just outdated.  Whatever the reason, you are on the path to find a new business management solution.  You are ready for enterprise resource planning (ERP), but finding the right solution is not always that easy.  So with that in mind we put together a list of the top eight things you should expect from an ERP solution.

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More than just ERP

One of the things to expect from an ERP solution is for it to go beyond basic enterprise accounting software.  Find a business solution that combines business intelligence, collaboration, and communication tools that can be embedded across all your processes and provides a connected experience with enterprise level application that is as user friendly as the personal applications your people love to use.

Work smarter, faster and better

You want a solution that can give your people personalized, agile tools based on the familiar, interoperable Microsoft technologies that they work with every day and Role Based Dashboards that let your employees take advantage of a business intelligence that matches their work styles.

Look to the future, not the past

Your new solution should be proactive and predictive with built-in workflows to guide your employees forward with powerful embedded business intelligence tools that help transform data into insight.  That enables your employees to solve problems before they happen.

Get up and running sooner

Make it a priority to find a solution with a combination of comprehensive out-of-the-box financial and operations management capabilities with rapid, cloud deployment options so you can get you up and running sooner and cost effectively.

Works the way you work

Take ten different businesses and you will get ten different ways of doing business. You want a solution that can meet those unique needs head-on with flexibility and targeted tools designed to meet the needs of your organization and the standards of your industry.

Revolutionize the way you work and connect

With the right solution your employees can communicate through the tools and channels they’re accustomed to. Remote staffers have the device flexibility they need, so they can work across browsers and mobile devices to be productive wherever they are. Get more timely communications with customers, suppliers, and other business partners.

Drive business growth

You want to grow, not stand still, so you need a solution that will accommodate new processes and additional lines of business, one that easily scalable to meet higher demands, without sacrificing performance or incurring major increases to your original technology investment—or your payroll.

Reduce risk and boost business

Any new investment comes with its own risk but if you choose wisely in your software selection you can reduce risk with low upfront costs and a reliable vendor with a reliable product history and future.   You want a solution provider that offers visibility into product life cycles and how solutions will evolve 12 to 18 months in advance and notice of next version releases. A strong and upfront product roadmap let you move forward with your own IT planning with greater confidence.

Choosing an ERP solution is a big investment, but it doesn’t have to be a big headache.  If you know the what things to expect from an ERP solution before you start searching than you can quickly eliminate many of the names on the market.  The above examples of what things to expect from an ERP solution are from our recent blog series on why SMBs should choose Dynamics GP.

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