When QuickBooks Online limits your cloud power – Outgrowing QuickBooks Part 7

  1.  The QuickBooks workaround runaround
  2. Lack of Financial Insight in QuickBooks
  3. Weak Audit Trails in QuickBooks
  4. Weak forecasting tools in QuickBooks hurt planning
  5. When you can’t support new business
  6. You need a Trusted Software Partner

Growing Pain #7:  You’re ready for the cloud but QuickBooks Online Limits Cloud Power

quickbooks online limits

Cloud Study Harvard Business Review

QuickBooks online comes in handy when you need it, but does “coming in handy” really cut it anymore for a software solution you use to power a business?  Imagine full enterprise resource planning on demand in the cloud, with access to finanicial data, business intelligence, human resources, manufacturing and more.  Below are what survey respondents have to say about the benefits of cloud according a study by the Harvard Business Review.

  • Let’s us experiment more easily and at low cost 64%
  • Enables deeper collaboration with business partners 61%
  • Frees up IT resources to work on more strategic things 60%
  • Is a source of competitive advantage for early adopters 57%
  • Lowers the cost of doing business 55%
  • Lowers overall IT costs 55%

Naturally, the systems that run your business need to be accessible anytime, from anywhere to allow for flexibility, but only to those granted access to that information. A best of breed ERP solution like Microsoft Dynamics GP for example, comes out of box with standard controls in place such as access restrictions to accommodate security priorities.  In addition to the built in controls, a top ERP cloud provider will make security a top priority, and data shows that in most cases cloud hosted solutions are more secure than on premise systems for this reason.

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Join us next time when we explore the next growing pain:  system limits not keeping up with business opportunities.

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