ERP Cloud Prediction Roundup

Engineers at Stanford University recently boasted that the cloud cluster management system they developed will triple server efficiency and significantly reduce the cost of cloud computing.  This type of innovation is not surprising as cloud innovation is young and growing.  This week marked the 50th anniversary of the IBM’s System 360 mainframe computing system and needless to say we’ve come a long way since then, so it’s only natural for people to want to know where we’re headed too.  With that in mind, here is a quick ERP cloud prediction roundup from articles around the web this week.

The cloud will become standard for all applications

This comes from a great article at Manufacturing Business Technology, a manufacturing news source.  Find out about some of the hottest trends today and what they mean for the future of cloud computing.

“Companies are increasingly deploying new applications with a cloud-first mentality. IT departments are happy to be moving away from server maintenance and backups and transforming themselves into providing value-added services.”

More consumerization of ERP systems to accommodate new workers

From, the idea here is that millenials entering the job force today are already indoctrinated into user-friendly functionality of consumer applications and will likely drive the change toward ease-of-use concepts like drag-and-drop functionality.

“Imagine being a 20-something who grew up with Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, then being told that you are expected to learn an archaic AS-400 based, green screen ERP system – it simply isn’t going to happen.”

Automobiles will join the cloud

Ninety-percent of all cars will soon be connected to the internet according to this article from  As we integrate our vehicles into the data driven, interconnected world we live, enterprise applications will not be far behind.

“This will create a broadband mobile environment in a space that, for most drivers, has existed separate to the current interconnected world of smartphones, computers, and content providers.”

Market competition will continue drive cloud prices down

A recent article says that last week’s widespread reduction in cloud service prices from the biggest names – Google, Amazon and Microsoft – is a sign that the fight for cloud market domination will be marked by a race to reduce prices.

“For anyone using cloud computing, what happened last week indicates how critical the biggest companies in technology view it and how cloud adopters need to evaluate their strategy in light of the ongoing price competition upon which the leaders have embarked.”

Whether or not these predictions come true, there is no turning back from the cloud at this point.  With Dynamics GP cloud based software, businesses can position themselves to be effective in the future.

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