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project accounting softwareThe days when project accounting software was only used by large-scale enterprises are long gone.  Truth be told, more and more small and mid-size organizations have found major benefits from deploying project management software.  Thanks to cloud computing and other advancements in information technology, project accounting software is accessible to business of all sizes.  But with new delivery systems like cloud computing, so many applications have made their way to market that choosing the one that fits your organization might not be the easiest task. recently published an article that lists the must-have functionality when considering project management software.  Here is a basic summery of what they have to say…

Monitor issues and deadlines

As a leader in your organization you have learned that if there is one thing you can count on it’s that every project will have issues that you didn’t count on.   So it is essential that project management software is agile and gives you the ability to monitor all transactions and conversations while watchdog processes ensure that all objectives are met as well as deadlines. Performance reporting and risk monitoring will let you solve problems before they happen.


Collaboration is the key to any team effort.  You know that when all your people are working together towards the same goals, success rates improve.  Keeping your people in the loop at all times is one of the best ways to achieve this.  A project management software solution should allow user to make notes, post comments and it should integrate with existing office solutions like Microsoft Word, Outlook and Excel. You can learn more about integration on this integrated business systems and SMB accounting tools.


It is critical that your project management software allows you to integrate facilitating processes when they are needed while running alongside existing core processes like scope planning, resource planning and cost budgeting.

Project Management Software

With a project management solution integrated with an ERP solution like Microsoft Dynamics GP you get all of these things and more.  With stunning out-of-the-box functionality along with the trusted Microsoft name, GP enables your team to perform, plan, communicate and mitigate risk.

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