Differences between Microsoft Dynamics Products

Small and mid-size businesses are adopting cloud business solutions in record numbers.  Cloud deployment gives SMBs the ability to power their business with software that is affordable, flexible and accessible anytime anywhere.  Microsoft Dynamics products like Dynamics GP are popular among growing small businesses because they offer the power of enterprise resource planning with a familiar look and feel to the software they already use.  It’s fast to deploy and users require very little training.  But that can be said for the entire family of Dynamics products including GP, AX, NAV and SL.  So in order to know if Dynamics GP is right for you, the best thing to do is to look at the differences between Microsoft Dynamics products.

So to help you do that here is a quick guide to help you compare AX, NAV, SL and GP.

Microsoft Dynamics AX

For an organization on the large-scale side of the mid-size market, core ERP functionality with the ability to fit the unique needs of the business is vital.  Whether they are a manufacturer, distributor, retailer or even in the public sector, Dynamics AX enables them to operate across departments, locations, languages and currencies.  This makes it the ideal choice for a alrger organization looking to replace multiple legacy systems and combine them into a single ERP instance.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Whether an organization is a start-up with unique processes, or in a niche industry with very specific needs they need a business management solution that is simple to customize and simple to integrate with all of their business solutions.  Microsoft Dynamics NAV delivers core ERP functionality some distributors and manufacturers have found to best suit their needs.

Microsoft Dynamics SL

Organizational leaders know that things can change over night, and one project gone wrong can sink an otherwise great year.  With Dynamics SL, some project-oriented SMBs find the project management functionality they need to keep their people on track and make sure that goals are met on time.  Dynamics SL delivers core financial management and deeper insight into the progress of projects.

Microsoft Dynamics GP

You aren’t just a small to mid-size organization.  You are young and growing enterprise with a strong foothold in the market.  You have plans to expand in future but you also have needs that need to be met now.  You need a solution that can meet your immediate business management and accounting needs without bogging you down with complicated functionality you really don’t need.  But as a growing business you know the needs you have now will look very different than the needs you will have in the coming years.  You need a solution that has the flexibility to adapt to those changes and support the continued growth of your company.  Dynamics GP is quick to implement thanks to world class cloud hosting partners and it delivers rapid out-of-the-box value with financial and operational functionality.  With rich reporting and direct integration to other Microsoft applications, along with a familiar user interface, your people will require less training for rapid uptake.

Microsoft Dynamics GP let’s you:

  • Cut-down on Upfront Costs: Shrink your startup costs by avoiding upfront hardware and software purchases.  When you deploy in the cloud the heavy hardware lifting takes place off-site.
  • Deploy Faster: With a Dynamics GP online Cloud solution, you will be up and running with industry leading software in now time.
  • Support your cash flow: With low and predictable costs that scale with actual use of your solution, you can easily plan for the future cost of your solution.
  • Scale up and down to support growth: Microsoft Dynamics GP is a flexible solution and that offers scalability to fit your organization’s needs and it can be adjusted as your needs change.
Once you understand the differences between Microsoft Dynamics GP products you are ready to give Dynamics GP a try with a 30-day  free trial.



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