Non-Profit donations may see growth spurt as recession anxieties ease

As the recent recession took its toll on everyone’s pocket book, charitable giving suffered in the United States, but some new study results suggest that a recent upswing in donations might be a lasting trend.  The 2013 World Giving Index, a report published by the Charities Aid Foundation, found that the United States ranked the highest around the globe for overall giving and second for number of people donating to charities.  Globally, 2012 saw an slight increase in overall monetary donations after a sharp declines in 2009 and 2011.  And with the recent spur, the not-for-profit sector can expect to see non-profit donations rise.

Here are some of the interesting statistics on global non-profit donations from the study:

  • U.S. Received a 61% WGI rating based on percentage of people who give money to charity, volunteer their time, or help a stranger in a typical month.  This was the highest overall ranking.
  • 158 million Americans donated to charities in the average month in 2012 putting them below India with 244 million people donating, and above China with 113 million donating to charities.
  • Myanmar, with a total of 34 million people donating to charities in an average month, show the highest per capita donation numbers at 85 percent of its adult population making donations to charities in 2012.
  • More woman (28.7%) donated worldwide than men (27.8%) on a per-month basis in 2012
  • People ages 25-34 showed the highest increase in the number of people donating in money in 2012 (1.5% growth) while the 50+ group remained the top in terms of per capita donations despite showing the least growth (0.4%).

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