Stop looking backward | Outgrowing QuickBooks Part 4

This is the fourth installment in a blog series on outgrowing QuickBooks and the subsequent problems it creates.  So far we have looked at…

  1. The QuickBooks workaround runaround
  2. Lack of Financial Insight in QuickBooks
  3. Weak Audit Trails in QuickBooks

Now it’s time to stop looking backward and start moving forward with real-time insight.

With real-time access to the data that is critical to your business is vital to making the kind of business decision in real-time that will drive the growth of your company.  You eat, drink and breath your business but you can never truly know where it stands without access to detailed financial reports.  Your QuickBooks package has been faithful so far, but if you are spending too much time focused on a review peak at your business data than you don’t have the runway to plan and capitalize on your future.

A business solution from Microsoft can turn your attention around and stop looking backward.  A comprehensive enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution will put all of your important data right at your fingertips without added complexity.  With quick access to financial, manufacturing, inventory, and other key data in less time, and with greater accuracy, you won’t need to waste time calling managers or digging through the books.  Powerful and personalized business intelligence makes it even easier to make the smart, quick decisions that drive growth.  You can also spot trends with customers, suppliers, and internally that you can use to your advantage.

With more insight, you can boost profit margins by sharpening your supply chain, improving productivity, and optimizing cash flow.  Outperform your competition by being the quickest to respond to customer needs, knowing what your customers will want or need before they do and still maintain the profit you need to grow strong.  Now that’s how you stop looking backward and start looking forward.

Join us for our next installment when we explore the next growing pain:  putting off new business opportunities.

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