Cloud changes role of CIO in the boardroom

When cloud computing first started coming to term in the world of business, it was met by a lot of skepticism and maybe even a little animosity from IT departments.  CIOs don’t like the idea of trusting a third party with critical business data for concerns of security, ownership and availability.  But as many of those fears have been laid to rest in recent years, it is becoming increasingly obvious that cloud computing solutions have put more value on IT departments and CIOs have gained a new foothold in boardroom.  A recent article at Cloud Tech News discussed how a CIOs value in the board room has increased thanks to cloud computing.

We are creating vast, vast amounts of data throughout the internet, and the value of information is rising as many businesses are competing to capitalize on the data first.  With the seemingly limitless opportunities that are presented by cloud computing, CIOs are now being recognized  as having a  critical role of guiding the companies through the datascape through innovation and adopting solutions like Microsoft Dynamics GP and SaaS ERP.  The ability to sort through the data will play a critical role from here on out when it comes to making critical business decisions.

More and more, cloud computing is proving itself as the answer to the question of how to adequately manage information, and CIOs find themselves in the information driver’s seat.



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