Works the way you work: Top Reasons to choose Dynamics 5

Life is full of compromises.  So is business for that matter, but in a world filled with compromise one thing you don’t want to do is change the way you work to fit your IT solutions.  Technology like ERP software is supposed to revolutionize the way you do business, but it isn’t supposed make you change your entire process just to make do.  You want a powerful, adaptable solution that works the way you work.  Microsoft Dynamics GP is an extremely flexible ERP package that you can fit to your needs, and that is what we will be talking about in this fifth installment of our blog series on why it is the right move to choose Dynamics.

We are now halfway through the series, but before we get going here is a list of everything the series will cover:

Works the way you work

Microsoft Dynamics can help you manage your business processes on your terms. With an impressive history of meeting the needs of more than 350,000 customers and 5 million users worldwide, Microsoft Dynamics has been winning customer references across all types of small and medium sized businesses including manufacturing, distribution, retail, public sector, and services.

But take ten different businesses and I’ll show you ten different ways of doing business. Dynamics can meet those unique needs head on with targeted solutions designed to meet the needs of companies doing business in a wide variety of industries.

Additionally, with the myGPcloudPRO solution we custom tailor every install based on the specific needs of the customers.

 Dynamics Customer Story

St. Joseph Fish Brokerage was looking to easily consolidate every bit of data gathered from different departments into a single solution. St. Joseph also wanted to standardize all report formats and improve productivity across the company, so employees would be able to efficiently access relevant and timely information, streamline procedures, and for a reduction in man-hours in transaction processing. St. Joseph chose to deploy Microsoft Dynamics ERP, tailored to the address its specific needs so it could maintain its leading position in the industry.  Now that’s how Dynamics works the way you work.

“St. Joseph Fish Brokerage is a fast-paced business and we need a system that will complement our activities well. Microsoft, together with our Microsoft Dynamics partner, provided our company with the right solution and the support to achieve our business objectives.”

Allan B. Valera, CFO, St. Joseph Group, Inc.

What’s Next…

Check out myGPcloud to learn more about our unique cloud-based Microsoft Dynamics GP environment, take a free Dynamics GP test drive or read more about hosted ERP solutions.


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