Get up and running sooner: Top Reasons to choose Dynamics 4

You need business management software now, not six months from now.


So you have come to the decision to look for your next business management software, and you’ve decided you want to deploy a new ERP system.  Next you try to run through everything you think your organization will need and all of the things you expect the ERP software to do.  After that you have to take time to select the vendor and product you think best fits your need.  All of that takes time away from daily operations that are most critical to business.  So the last thing you want is a lengthy deployment process filled with delays, and unseen expenses.  You want a solution that you can have up and running sooner rather than later.  Well that is the topic of this fourth installment of our blog series on what makes Microsoft Dynamics ERP the perfect solution for SMBs.

But before we get too far into that subject, here is a list of the top reasons to choose Dynamics that we have covered so far:

Get up and running sooner

In today’s ever-changing world the pace is pretty fast.  You need the ability to easily deploy innovative technologies. Microsoft Dynamics features rapid implementation tools with quick and simple deployment. These tools simplify the configuration of your ERP solution to meet your specific needs. More than that, you will have access to best practices and other guidance to find the perfect setup for your business.

With the combination of comprehensive out-of-the-box financial and operations management capabilities with rapid, flexible deployment options, you will get you up and running sooner than many other products and do it in a way that is cost effective. That way you can be working in days instead of weeks. Not to mention you will see a shorter time-to-value and get productive immediately.

And when you choose to deploy a solution like Dynamics GP in the cloud, we you get a solution that is extremely flexible so you can easily scale the solution up or down when your needs change in the future.

 Customer Story

Amalfi Semiconductor pioneered high-performance radio frequency (RF) semiconductors for the cellular handset market based on standard, low-cost, complementary metal-oxide semiconductor (CMOS) technology. Amalfi’s success led to rapid growth and the company needed more financial and manufacturing management capabilities than they could squeeze out of Intuit QuickBooks. With a six-week Dynamics implementation, the company has already saved U.S.$75,000 in duplicate vendor invoicing and along with other significant efficiency improvements.

“With reporting in Microsoft Dynamics ERP, we consolidate our financial statements in five minutes, a process that used to take us a day.”

Joe Whitty, Controller, Amalfi Semiconductor

 What’s Next…

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