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The concern I hear most often when I talk to people about hosting their ERP systems in the cloud, is cloud security. Many people instinctively believe that their business data is safer when it is wholly contained on-premise. As it turns out, emerging and mid-sized businesses that have moved their systems to the cloud actually feel their systems are more secure.

Read these comments contained in an article by Nicole Henderson:

Forty-five percent of non-users worry that using the cloud would result in a lack of control over their data, while 42 percent doubt the reliability of the cloud.

On the other side of the spectrum are SMBs who already use the cloud, and 94 percent of these users claim to have gained security benefits they did not have with their former on-premises technology. More than half say they have seen increased levels of privacy protection in the cloud, while 75 percent have experienced improved service availability.

“There’s a big gap between perception and reality when it comes to the cloud. SMBs that have adopted cloud services found security, privacy and reliability advantages to an extent they didn’t expect.”

– Adrienne Hall, general manager, Trustworthy Computing, Microsoft said in a statement.


Half of SMBs have pursued new opportunities because of the time saved managing security in the cloud.

See the full article by Nicole Henderson here.

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