Data security still relies on people

One of the scenes that we see play out in movies over and over again is the one where one character is assigned to keep watch while the other characters sleep, rob a bank, or do whatever the situation calls for.  And without fail the one assigned to be look-out falls asleep or gets distracted in some way.  This is common because it’s so naturally human.  Our ability to focus is short-lived and one directional.  This goes for data security as well whether we are talking about cloud security or in-house IT.

The single biggest point of failure for any type of security—it doesn’t matter if you are talking about national security, private security, or data security—is human failure or human inability to keep track of multiple points of data for extended periods of time.

Even if security is the most important priority in your IT department it is not the only priority.  And with IT budgets being cut all over the country, they are spread thinner than ever.  A reliable cloud ERP provider on the other hand has dedicated servers where security is a in a constant state of focused priority.  This is just one of the reasons cloud security is more robust than on-premise, after all your talented IT staff is only human.  The more people you have on the look out the better.

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