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Data security still relies on people

One of the scenes that we see play out in movies over and over again is the one where one character is assigned to keep watch while the other characters sleep, rob a bank, or do whatever the situation calls for.  And without fail the one assigned to be look-out falls asleep or gets distracted […]

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Sunk Costs and Expected Returns

Sunk costs and expected returns are two subjects that come up quite often in business. They’re also two subjects that are frequently analyzed inaccurately. Sunk costs relate to unrecoverable costs that have been invested in a project. They may have value and may still provide a return. But the mistake that business people can make is […]

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ERP Implementation Success

      ERP implementation success is attainable. It’s just not as easy as one might think. Eric Kimberling, in his post at identifies three key things you can do to help your ERP implementation project succeed: Clearly define success – It’s pretty normal that when an organization evaluates a project to implement  a new ERP […]

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Dynamics GP Series Post

Dynamics GP Series Post allows you to see all pending batches in each functional area in GP. The functional areas would be Purchasing, Sales, Financial, etc. Batch posting in Dynamics GP can be a slight mystery for new users. The Series Post options in each area can be helpful to review the statuses of batches […]

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