Expanding your Small Business Internationally




Expanding your small business internationally is a daunting task; one that’s not lightly analyzed or quickly executed. Trying to preserve the energy of your small enterprise is important. These are a number of things to consider closely:


  • Make sure to choose a location with a good business environment that provides easy access to required services, favorable regulatory climate, and a complimentary labor force.
  • Choose a location that is the most compatible to your business operation in regards to hours of operation and production cycle, and one that offers tolerable travel options when you need to make personal appearances (probably often at the start).
  • If there are key skills you need, make sure your new location is close to top candidates and is attractive to them as a workplace.


  • Don’t rely only on email to communicate. Use the phone or Skype. You need to build personal relationships amongst your dispersed employee base.
  • Allow time for your employees to freely engage on non-business matters; again building personal relationships.
  • Provide easy access to shared data and maintain an integrated business system. Utilizing ERP cloud computing is an easy way to do this.

Business Values

  • Find ways to naturally spread your corporate values to a new location. Consider reassigning home office employees to the new location.

Source: Shmulik Weller, CEO of SundaySky, relays his personal experience of expanding his business across the globe. Check it out here.


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