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Management Reporter Simple Income Statement Report

Management Reporter is the standard financial report writer for Microsoft Dynamics. It is the successor to FRx. It looks almost identical to FRx. So if you know FRx you will have little problem in using Management Reporter. It’s relatively easy to create a new report in Management Reporter. You can use the Wizard (video here) or just create one […]

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ERP Systems Integration

      Most businesses have multiple systems they use to run their business. This becomes problematic when disparate systems cause these types of problems: Duplicative data entry Different versions of the ”truth” Missing data in one system or the other General chaos So what can you do? People have generally chosen specific systems because […]

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Expanding your Small Business Internationally

      Expanding your small business internationally is a daunting task; one that’s not lightly analyzed or quickly executed. Trying to preserve the energy of your small enterprise is important. These are a number of things to consider closely: Location Make sure to choose a location with a good business environment that provides easy access to required services, favorable regulatory […]

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