Why ERP on-demand is perfect for startups

There is no shortage of challenges that startups face.  Successfully getting a new company off the ground is more difficult than ever, so the stakes have been raised for gaining the competitive edge over your competition.  Finding an enterprise software solution that is scalable, agile and doesn’t strain the budget is a top priority. That’s why ERP on-demand is perfect for startups.

Time is Money

Speed and time to market are such critical factors these days that they can make or break companies.  With the rapid deployment of ERP on-demand, startups will have their solution up-and-running in days so they can start managing business processes better.

Spend Less Cash

The low upfront pricing of ERP on-demand is perfect for startups.  Low initial costs make it easier on finances, and up front monthly service fees make it easier on capitol expenses.  Not only that but you can add and remove users on a per-user pricing system so you only pay for what you need.  And there is no need for a data center so you will save on hardware costs.


ERP On-demand is inherently friendly to telecommute since it is hosted online and accessible from anywhere.  Startups often depend on independent contractors and other temporary employees.  With telecommuting startups can broaden their hiring pool to include anyone with an internet connection.   That combined with the ability for decision makers to manage the business on the go with mobile make one more reason that ERP on-demand  is prefect for startups.


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