Top 5 most viewed ERP blogs so far in 2013

5 most viewed ERP blogs While it may be true that as humans we are all unique individuals with unique interests and personalities.  But we tend to be curious about same things.  So when it comes to ERP on-demand why should it be any different?  Well just in case you are curious to see what others have found useful, here are our top 5 most viewed blogs so far in 2013.

1. Why ERP on-demand is perfect for startups
Find out Why ERP on-demand is perfect for startups thanks to rapid deployment, low cost and mobile capabilities.

2. Dynamics GP General Journal Entry
Watch a short video to see how you can attach notes and documents to any transaction as back up and support to an entry, save transactiosn in a batch and post later, or post the transactions instantly in Dynamics GP.

3. Dynamics GP Manufacturing
This video gives you a quick introduction to the manufacturing functionality in Dynamics GP

4. ERP on-demand making growth happen
Business improvement doesn’t just happen. Learn how an on-demand ERP solution is the best way for SMBs to make that happen.

5. Cloud Business Intelligence into Profit
Discover how cloud business intelligence can turn your data into profit with foresight, hindsight, and insight.

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