The power of offsite data storage

Early in his career Earnest Hemmingway famously lost a suitcase that contained everything he had ever written up to that point.  The documents were never recovered and he was forced to start from scratch rebuilding his body of work.  While Hemmingway’s career survived the setback, losing critical business data can be a harrowing experience.  That’s why the power of offsite data storage has become such a popular discussion topic.

A recent article at offers a few reasons why using data center services is such an important part of doing business today, and ERP on-demand will help you utilize offsite backup.

Cost Effective

One great reasons to choose an ERP on-demand solution with offsite backup is that it is a cost effective solution.  The sheer upfront cost of setting up a homegrown backup infrastructure is enough to make most SMBs think twice.  Combine that with recurring cost of security and maintenance, the money you save by opting for the cloud becomes very attractive.

Outside Resources

Many small businesses do not have access to all the IT resources that they need to stay ahead of the competition.   With an ERP on-demand option, SMBs are able to rely on their provider’s IT, and because they are hosting the solution they utilizing independent contractors is greatly simplified.

More Internal Resources

Earlier I mentioned the cost of security and maintenance of a homegrown back solution.  With a hosted solution, your people will have more time to focus on more critical operations, automatically improving workflow efficiency.

Customer Care

Now that your people are not bogged down by IT maintenance, more resources can be deployed for satisfying customers, and because of the power of offsite data storage information is now easily accessible. They can serve the customer with improved insight thanks to the business intelligence model within the ERP on-demand solution.

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