Say no to Shadow IT: Deliver the cloud strategy from the top, down

It’s an image that every IT professional cringes at—a salesperson or sales manager pulling out a credit card and subscribing to customer relationship management or other cloud-based solution without any having a conversation with the IT department first.  This best way to prevent this from happening is for the IT managers and executives need to step up their innovation strategies and deliver the cloud strategy from the top, down.

David Linthicum recently blogged about this at, and discussed the importance of a cloud strategy from the top decision makers is so important.

Until recently many IT professionals would take a lets-wait-and-see approach to new technology initiatives.  Today users are much more computer literate than they used to be.  They have the will and the knowhow to purchase applications they think will make them perform better.

The first step to stopping shadow IT is for IT decision makers to define, refine, understand, and publicize your cloud strategy. Claiming ownership of the way your company utilizes cloud is critically important when it comes time to implement your plans.  That means you are going to have to become familiar with the overall strategies of the company and needs of the users.

Implementing ERP on-demand solution will likely satisfy the needs of all the users, but unifying everybody on the same system to ensure consistency is a task for decision makers.  That is why it is so important to deliver the cloud strategy from the top, down.

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