Realizing the real benefit of ERP on-demand

There are a lot of reasons why companies seek out ERP cloud solutions.  The ultimate goal for most implementation projects is to gain an edge on your competitors.  This means anything from streamlining inventory management to improving accuracy in the books. It makes every employee’s life easier by improving efficiency and collaboration, which will lead to increased productivity, according to a blog at  But not everybody is realizing the real benefit of ERP on-demand.

According to a Panorama study referenced in the article, about 60 percent of organizations failed to realize at least half of the business benefits they expected.

One of the popular causes for ERP let-down is that employees often find the software to be too complicated, or unfriendly.  That is why it is important to choose an ERP solution with a user friendly interface that is intuitive and familiar to your employees.  And with ERP on-demand’s speedy deployment, you can get to work with your solution in days.

In the worst case scenarios, businesses have certain expectations of their solution that go unrealized.  That’s why it is important to keep in mind, it is critical to have a clear view of what you expect.  And have it mapped out ahead of time. That way you can help eliminate the guessing game up front.  Management should communicate the importance of the change often, and be a leader of user buy-in.  Inspiring your staff to use the solution to its full potential is the secret to realizing the real benefit of ERP on-demand.

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