ERP on-demand makes agile business intelligence accessible to SMBs

If you think that business intelligence is big and costly, and not really within the grasp of small business than you are wrong.  It is true that the business intelligence tools of yesterday fit the above description, but we are living and working in today—the era of cloud computing.  Thanks to solutions like ERP on-demand, business intelligence tools are more agile and more accessible to SMBs.

With the simplicity and cost effective business intelligence solutions provided by ERP cloud, SMBs can become predictive, analytical organizations on par with big businesses.

But that is only half of the story.  There is more to ERP cloud than just enhanced forecasting ability.  With on-demand ERP can rapidly adapt to changes as the market and the economy shift.

With ERP on-demand, business intelligence gets you the information you need faster and with analytics dashboards SMBs can perform their own analysis without the help of costly analysts.  And because deployment is faster than traditional systems you can get started faster.

Speed is critical for business intelligence to be of any use.  Because hosted ERP allows for real-time business intelligence your people will be better equipped to make those crucial decisions in a timely matter.

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