ERP On-demand: Five reasons to consider a cloud enterprise software

Since the beginning of cloud computing it has become a solution for many small businesses and organizations.  Low up front cost and lower overall investment requirements have mad cloud enterprise solutions very attractive to start-ups and small business owners with tight budgets.  But there is more than that to cloud.  A solution like ERP on-demand gives business more than just cost savings.  Here are five reasons to consider a cloud enterprise software.


Time to Value

With cloud computing your solution starts showing its value sooner, because the software as a service can be deployed faster and easier.  For example, with on-demand ERP you start using your solution immediately so you can start streamlining your business sooner.

Licensing Costs

You don’t have to pay those massive recurring licensing costs.  Avoid additional cost with the simple monthly fee of ERP on-demand.

IT Savings

Since your hosting provider has a dedicated team of IT professionals you can save money on personnel.

Reliability and Performance

With their focus entirely on providing IT services, your cloud ERP solution provider is dedicated to maintaining up-times that outpace the best on-premise systems.

Goodbye Servers

Let’s face it, datacenters are a huge liability.  They consume space, energy, and payroll dollars spent maintaining them.  They’re loud and hot too.  With a cloud-based solution you are outsourcing your data center so that your resources can be spent on more business critical applications.


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