ERP hosting increases the business influence of the IT department

It’s no secret that IT departments the world over have put up a lot of resistance to cloud technologies such as ERP hosting.  The nature of ERP on-demand and ERP hosting make for a decreased need of IT staff, so resistance is an understandable reaction.  But if you approach it from a different angle, ERP hosting increases the business influence of the IT department.

A recent article at discusses how mobile enterprise applications present IT with the opportunity to take a leading role in the development of new business processes.

As the BYOD movement increases in popularity, IT leaders should see this as an opportunity to take initiative by developing a clear mobile strategy which will in turn solidify the value of their role.  This way they can show the entire organization that they are true leaders of the business and get buy-in from other leaders in the organization.

Creating a realistic roadmap and business case for the organization’s cloud strategy will prove that strong IT departments are not only still important to organizations of all sizes, but their value is actually increasing as the work force becomes more and more dependent on their electronic devices and mobile computing.

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