DOD and Mobile enterprise solutions

The concept of mobile computing has recently become a popular topic for enterprise IT with tablets, mini-laptops and smart phones making a splash in the personal use market over the past five years.  Like everything else in the tech world, a snazzy acronym had to be assigned to performing work functions on a tablet—enter BYOD.  It stands for Bring Your Own Device and it has a lot of CIO and other IT professionals nervous about mobile security.  But, whether you choose to support BYOD or provide the mobile devices to your employees, mobile enterprise solutions are a great way to stay competitive.


The caution flag may be replace by the green flag on mobile enterprise solutions as the Pentagon announced last year that it is gearing up to deploy a mobile solution by 2014 and is on the market for the right device to distribute to staff.  As one of the most security conscious agencies in the world, the Pentagon is confident that the supposed 600,000 users will be able to securely run their processes from a tablet—everyone from soldiers to bureaucrats will be going mobile.Two things are certain—The bidding war for that contract must be ferocious.  And this is also a great endorsement of mobile computing.  The fact is that mobility is going to be a requisite for business success, and probably faster than we think.  And when you choose the right provider, mobile enterprise solutions can improve efficiency, boost the bottom line and revolutionize the way you do business.

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