Agility a great reason to adopt cloud-based software

Just about everybody on the planet likes to save money.  At least I have never met anybody who finds the idea of saving money offensive or undesirable.  Not surprisingly, the average chief financial officer will find the idea even more appealing than the average person.  That’s why enterprise cloud solutions like ERP on-demand are so attractive to CFOs.  But if you think saving money is the only reason to adopt cloud-based software you’re missing out.

A recent article at discusses some of the real business value that is presented by cloud based solutions.

The article focuses primarily on the agility of the cloud.  The cloud is inherently agile and migrating your processes to the cloud will inherently make your business more agile.  The cloud presents business with an entirely new way of deploying applications, one that offers much more dexterity and agility.  This way companies are able to react more quickly to changes in market needs, changing economies.  They are able to expand and contract in way that is unlike anything on-premise systems allow.

This why the cloud offers a lot more than just cost savings.  It offers an entirely new way of doing business.  Expanding geographically is easier than ever.  Mobile computing is a viable IT solution thanks to the cloud, and as cloud computing expands opportunities for business their entirely new positions may be created in the future.

While costs savings is a great motivator look in to cloud computing solutions for enterprise, agility is perhaps the best reason to adopt cloud-based software and stay with it.

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