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Evaluating the Total Cost of Ownership for Your Software

by Derek Singleton , Software Advice As Cloud technologies continue to evolve, more and more software buyers are seriously evaluating software as a service (SaaS) solutions against on-premise offerings. While there are many factors that influence which deployment model is best for any particular business (e.g., ability to manage IT internally and speed of deployment) the […]

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Get results with ERP on-demand

Cloud technology offers a host of benefits such as speed, convenience and low cost.  Often times we hear and talk about cloud in terms of the things it does different than on-premise such listed above.  But what about the things it does better?  With ERP on-demand you can accomplish results that you might not know […]

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DOD and Mobile enterprise solutions

The concept of mobile computing has recently become a popular topic for enterprise IT with tablets, mini-laptops and smart phones making a splash in the personal use market over the past five years.  Like everything else in the tech world, a snazzy acronym had to be assigned to performing work functions on a tablet—enter BYOD.  […]

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Say no to Shadow IT: Deliver the cloud strategy from the top, down

It’s an image that every IT professional cringes at—a salesperson or sales manager pulling out a credit card and subscribing to customer relationship management or other cloud-based solution without any having a conversation with the IT department first.  This best way to prevent this from happening is for the IT managers and executives need to […]

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The power of offsite data storage

Early in his career Earnest Hemmingway famously lost a suitcase that contained everything he had ever written up to that point.  The documents were never recovered and he was forced to start from scratch rebuilding his body of work.  While Hemmingway’s career survived the setback, losing critical business data can be a harrowing experience.  That’s […]

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Why ERP on-demand is perfect for startups

There is no shortage of challenges that startups face.  Successfully getting a new company off the ground is more difficult than ever, so the stakes have been raised for gaining the competitive edge over your competition.  Finding an enterprise software solution that is scalable, agile and doesn’t strain the budget is a top priority. That’s […]

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