Mobility and business a perfect match

Taking your business mobile is about more than just being connected to email and data using a tablet or smart phone.  Entire business processes and workflows are going mobile, and there is new technology emerging all the time that make mobility and business a perfect match.

A recent article at has an article that discusses some of these emerging technologies and some of things that are contributing to the growing popularity of mobility.

According to the article, 80 percent of people continue to work after they have left the office for an extra seven hours of work each week.  That is a pretty enlightening statistic when you are talking about mobile, and that number will probably increase as technology paves new roads for working from home.

With virtual desktop technology really starting to gear up, and other personal consumer-use mobile technology becoming more popular we increasingly becoming technologically mobile.

With people already doing the work from home and technology emerging to facilitate it there is a powerful movement toward a more productive workforce underway.  A mobile ERP on-demand solution can power your employees’ after hours efforts with the tools that they need and want.

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