ERP On-demand: Less headaches and more profit

For a lot of C-level decision makers, enterprise resource planning is a double edged sword.  Since ERP came into existence there have been implementation failures, lack of user buy-in and a host of other problems.  On the other hand ERP has been able to deliver positive business outcomes to many, many organizations.  Now with ERP on-demand and SaaS, a lot of the risk has been reduced.


In fact the popularity of these methods is so huge it is changing the entire market, with cloud ERP vendors accounting for $1 trillion worth of market share according to many accounts.

Start-ups like the cloud model because it eliminates one major problem: convincing investors to fork over the cash for IT infrastructure, and lets them hit the ground running with a robust IT solution.  SMBs like ERP on-demand because of low up-front cost and superfast time to deployment.

But there is more to the growing popularity than just cost savings.  ERP on-demand delivers real world business outcomes.  It streamlines processes, improves accounting accuracy, and makes the business as a whole more efficient and as result more profitable.   Less headaches and more profit is an attractive proposition for anyone.

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