ERP implementation team strategy

The San Francisco 49ers and the Baltimore Ravens prepare for the Super Bowl XLVII with a lot of excitement surrounding the contest of Harbaugh vs. Harbaugh.  One brother will walk away defeated and the other victorious, but neither one made it to the biggest sporting contest of the year by themselves.  Nor did Ray Lewis win any games on his own.  It requires stellar performances from everyone on the team to become champions.  And a winning ERP implementation is no different.  It requires an ERP implementation team strategy.

A new ERP system, whether it is an on-premise or a cloud ERP solution, by its nature will raise questions about how the business is currently being run, and how it should run in the future.  This requires a team effort to truly understand.  The implementation team needs to be a cross-functional one that includes project management, IT staff, department managers and members of the executive team.

Determining the necessary reporting capabilities of the new system, and identifying possible software customizations require effort from all areas of the organization.   Not just that, but just as the quarter back has to trust his tackles and guards to watch his blind side, CIOs and project managers have to trust their team to not drop the ball and get the job done.

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