Cloud ERP to DNA Storage: Did Anyone Water the Data Tree?

There are several definitions of Cloud computing and a there are fair amount of different points of view on whether one computation or another qualifies as Cloud.  Aside from this type of semantic disagreement, one of the hallmarks of cloud computing, at least in terms of cloud ERP, is that the enterprise’s data is stored off-site.  Indeed the way we store data has changed and will continue to change.

The next big revolution of data storage might be DNA storage.  That literally means storing information within organic material. Scientists have been developing synthetic DNA to use as electronic data storage for years, and a recent article at discusses some of the recent breakthroughs in the field.  By all indications this technology can store incredible amounts of information in tiny amounts of space (1 million CDs worth of information in a gram of DNA) and since it is living material it won’t require any energy to power.

But for now, enterprises are a long way away from hearing the question, “Did anybody water the data tree this week?” on a regular basis around the office.

The fact of today is that cloud computing is the most efficient way for SMBs to store, access and analyze data.  With the right ERP on-demand solution organizations are truly using the current next-level of computer technology.


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