Cloud Business Intelligence into Profit

A cloud ERP solution from Microsoft Dynamics provides business intelligence that is affordable, scalable and portable.  The world’s business data is growing at an astounding rate.  But being able to extract value from this data is the real benefit of cloud business intelligence.

Recently an article at discusses how it is possible to turn data into profit, and a cloud ERP solution can help.  Here a few ways you can turn cloud business intelligence into profit.


Look deeper into key performance factors and pinpoint your most profitable customers and most efficient vendors.  Discover potential issues within your organization sooner that require fast action. With cloud business intelligence, you get confidence knowing that you are equipped with tools to make informed business decisions faster and jump on opportunities.


Business intelligence lets you analyze past orders, find if the orders are priced competitively and if their warehouse is working at peak performance. Salespeople can analyze how quickly products move, without additional support from IT.  Streamline business by giving your people access to data so there are less barriers between your team and the information they need.


The 360 degree view you will gain with a business intelligence solution will let you react in real time. It means being able to project gross profit trends, determine when it’s time to add another product of service, and understand fiscal target goals before it’s too late to take action.

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