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ERP On-demand: Time saved is money earned

Cloud computing is changing the way we do business.  It is making businesses that deploy solutions like ERP On-demand more efficient and more profitable.  More businesses are realizing the financial benefits of cloud computing every day.  One of those great benefits that you can find in ERP On-demand is time-saving. Time is money, and when you can […]

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Cloud Business Intelligence into Profit

A cloud ERP solution from Microsoft Dynamics provides business intelligence that is affordable, scalable and portable.  The world’s business data is growing at an astounding rate.  But being able to extract value from this data is the real benefit of cloud business intelligence. Recently an article at discusses how it is possible to turn […]

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ERP On-demand: Less headaches and more profit

For a lot of C-level decision makers, enterprise resource planning is a double edged sword.  Since ERP came into existence there have been implementation failures, lack of user buy-in and a host of other problems.  On the other hand ERP has been able to deliver positive business outcomes to many, many organizations.  Now with ERP […]

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Dynamics GP Manufacturing

Dynamics streamlines your manufacturing process from procurement to shipping, and gives you the control you want. And you can try it for free at Dynamics GP can be configured to be simple or very sophisticated. The basic use involves bills of material and manufacturing orders. You can easily add functionality such as MRP, forecasting, […]

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Mobility and business a perfect match

Taking your business mobile is about more than just being connected to email and data using a tablet or smart phone.  Entire business processes and workflows are going mobile, and there is new technology emerging all the time that make mobility and business a perfect match. A recent article at has an article that […]

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Dynamics GP Reporting

Dynamics GP includes a variety of reporting tools that you can use to easily get information out of your accounting and ERP system. There is a standard report writer that produces all the basic reports and forms. This comes as part of the system and is fairly easy to customize if you want. There is also an ad-hoc reporting […]

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