Why upgrade to ERP cloud

Enterprise resource planning software can help grow a business by bringing high levels of efficiency and interdepartmental unity to an organization.  But more often than not one of the main driver that impacts an ERP strategy. This has generated a lot of interest in cloud ERP systems because of its low initial cost of deployment.  But what are some of the other benefits that companies look for in an ERP solution.

Appstechnews.com recently published an article featuring some of the results from an Aberdeen Group study called “ERP and Small Businesses”.  Not surprisingly, the majority of respondents, at 43 percent, cited cost reductions as the main driver for an ERP adoption.  Here some of the other top reasons.

49% said not being able to track business processes was a main motivator for upgrading out of existing systems.

40% said lack of collaboration among employees and departments was a problem that ERP can solve

38% said delays in decision making was a cause for upgrade

34% said outdated or entry level software lacked the ability to access data outside of the office

30% said they that improving customer response time was a major area of concern

If you are working with homegrown spreadsheets or outdated software and any of these sound familiar, it might be time to start think about an upgrade.

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