Solving the worlds problems with mobile

When discussing cloud and mobile environments and any other tech subject, it is tempting to stay focused on emerging technology and things like new delivery models, collaboration, data storage,  and any number of very “technical tech issues”.  It is actually easy to overlook the social implications behind technology improvements.  Like solving the worlds’ problems with mobile technology for example.

This might be a bit of an exaggeration but there is some very exciting truth to support the lofty claim.  A recent article at  got me thinking about this.  There are a lot of naysayers who challenge the security of mobile and cloud computing, but that is a fairly easy problem to solve compared to low voter turnout for example.  If mobile gets people to vote who otherwise would not have, or we never have to wait in line at the DMV again, than we are solving much bigger and more troubling problems than data security.

Not that security is a non-issue, but it is much easier to grapple with than something like education in the third world.  We talk about the technology divide, but the article references a Time Magazine report authored by Bill Clinton that finds some interesting data about access and mobility.  For example in Haiti only about 10 percent of the population has a bank account, whereas 80 percent of the population has a cell phone.  Here the opportunities for education are pretty clear.

And consider in places like the US where cloud computing and solutions like ERP on-demand have expanded the technology horizon for small businesses.  Now SMBs can compete, at least in terms of IT, with major organizations.

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