Must-ask questions when shopping for ERP

If your business has reached that point where it has outgrown the old management software than that means you might just be in the market for an ERP system.  The right ERP solution can revolutionize the way a company does business, but finding the right one is the trick.  Whether you are hunting for an on-premise or on-demand ERP package, there are a few questions that you should ask yourself.

Every enterprise has a unique set of requirements and processes, so there will never be a comprehensive and universal list of questions, but we have to start somewhere.  So, here are four questions that can’t be overlooked when shopping for enterprise resource planning solutions.

Can you trust the solution provider?

Providers should understand your business and have the reputation that proves they can execute.

What about data migration?

You need to be able to access your current data once the new software is up and running and you need to be sure your archival data will be safe.

What about charting data?

Does it provide the deployment options and specific features that are important to your business.

How much customization is required?

Too much customization can be a costly problem.  The system should be friendly and work well with other office tools.



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