Look, it’s a mobile device. It’s a tiny desktop. It’s… what is it?

One of the things I hear a lot about lately is the death of the hardwired desktop.  A lot of experts believe, with good reason, that we are witnessing the final gasp of last-century computing and the desktop is just one of the species that is considered to be on the verge of extinction.  But with death comes rebirth, and in many ways bring your own device (BYOD) symbolizes that rebirth.  A new computer that Dell plans to release later this year almost looks like a teeny-tiny desktop gone mobile.

Dubbed the Ophelia project, the computer is about the size of a thumb drive and looks like a thumb drive, but is much more than a thumb drive.  The Wi-Fi, Bluetooth enabled device is designed to be plugged into existing monitors or most likelya TV.  It also has two USB ports for mouse and keyboard.  It displays at 1080p, is compatible with touch screens, and will support cloud and native applications.  The kicker is that it is being tagged at under $100.

I doubt if this new gadget will single-handedly change computing as we know it, but it is a sign of the times.  The computing market is consumer driven and consumers want mobile.  This goes double for the workplace.  Being cautious about mobility and the cloud is a good thing, but denying what is on the horizon is not. Solutions like ERP on-demand and mobility are the expectations not just of the modern workforce, but of the modern marketplace.  Adopting a mobile solution is the best way to manage your mobile workforce before they adopt it on their own.

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