Historical views on ERP

The history of enterprise resource planning is a long one with plenty of ups and downs.  Cloud computing and ERP on-demand are just the latest incarnation of ERP delivery.  While the cloud has re-spurred the world of ERP by opening it up to smaller organization, it is only part of the story.  Erik Kimberling of Panorama Consulting recently posted a blog on his reflections after twenty years in the ERP consulting business.

Here are four takeaways from his long career:

ERP implementations are about business not technology—Involving all departments in the project, not just IT is an all-important success factor.

It is all about the details of ERP methodologies—Detailed and time-tested methodologies are going to be the difference between success and failure.

Organizational change management is probably the number one ERP success factor—This might be a stretch but it goes without saying that bringing everyone on board is necessary for successful ERP adoption.

Realistic expectations are the key to successful ERP Deployment—Implementations have been plagued with going over budget and past deadline.  This is often because unrealistic expectations were created.

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