Five risks of unchecked BYOD

Mobility is here and that is a fact.  In December I wrote a blog about the fact that the mobile workplace has evolved organically as mobile and social markets have grown for personal use.  A lot of people talk about BYOD policies in terms of whether or not it should be practiced, but the truth is a BYOD or mobility policy should really be seen as a necessary reaction to something that has already happened.  Truthfully, most of the risks inherent in BYOD exist when there is no policy in place. has another article that discusses five reason BYOD can be a danger to a company, but what the are inadvertently referring to is five risks of unchecked BYOD.

Employees may be using unsecure devices

It is important to monitor what devices are being used for business functions to ensure or provide operating systems and software that are protected against hackers and viruses.

Lost and Stolen Devices

According to the article, 50 percent of all security breaches  in 2011 were due to lost or stolen devices.  It is vital that employees know what files are acceptable to be stored on mobile devices or provide file encryption necessary.  Alternatively, processes that are accessed on the cloud or in an on-demand ERP solution will come equipped with robust security already in place.

Difficult to Keep Track

The article claims there are an infinite number of smart phones and tablets that can become infected or attacked.  I don’t think I need to explain why that is not true, but what is true is that the best way to keep track of what data is going home on a mobile device is to keep track of it with a coherent and enforced BYOD policy.

No Standardization

Standardization of mobile workflow is the most important part of a BYOD policy

Legal Issues

A lot has been said about the fact that non-ownership of devices limits what employers can require in terms of encryption and security on employee smartphones.  As a rule of thumb, people don’t want their smartphone or tablet getting hacked.  Providing encryption will not only be utilized it will be appreciated.  And the employer owns the files before they make it on the device.  So, setting forth a policy on what can be stored on the mobile unit is necessary to protect company assets.

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