Dynamics GP General Journal Entry

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Dynamics GP is a rock solid core financials system. The general ledger integrates well with the other modules. You can use current version of GP for a 30-day test drive with this free Dynamics GP small business accounting software trial.

The General Journal entry in GP is versatile and allows you to easily make adjustments and other entries required to present accurate financial statements and to maintain control of your business records.

All transactions from other modules can be viewed in the General Journal Transaction Entry screen. There is an option to require separate posting of general journal entries generated by other modules, or have them post directly through to the general ledger.

Besides simple entering journal entries you can also perform these functions:

  • Copy
  • Correct (reverse)
  • Correct (reverse) and Create new entry
  • Create Reversing Transactions that reverse on the date you enter

Additionally you can attach notes and documents to any transaction as back up and support to an entry.

The transactions can be saved in a batch and posted later, or you can post the transactions instantly.

You can view foreign currencies and exchange rates in the journal entries.

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  1. Gil Siman May 1, 2013 at 11:28 am #

    Hi Steve,

    You mention… ‘Additionally you can attach notes and documents to any transaction as back up and support to an entry.’ Can you tell me more about how that would work? I can’t see how to do it the way our Dynamics is set up now. Is there a function that we need to turn on or is there an additional module in order to make this work?


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