Cloud ERP: The truth is out there

One of the great things about the world of blogging is that it opened up a new platform for idea exchange and debate.  Not all of it is helpful, but there are a lot of interesting discussions and arguments about where computing is headed, how cloud ERP is changing enterprise and the way we think about the business.  What is harder to understand is why people continue to argue about verifiable facts.

A recent blog at assuages some of the top five cloud computing myths.  And they are perfect examples of what falls into the why-are-we-still-debating-this category.

Cloud Computing is Cheap

Cloud computing is not cheap, but let’s remember cheap is a bad thing.  “Cheap” is in the same family of words as faulty, antiquated, malfunctioning and ineffective.  But one thing cloud is, is less expensive—especially when you are talking about cloud ERP.  Sure you have to pay for the service but compared to maintenance costs, IT payroll, licensing purchases and debugging costs of an on-premise system it is less expensive up-front and in the long run.

Cloud ERP Cannot be Customized

If you get the right product it truly is customizable, plain and simple.

If the internet goes down your business goes down

On average there is less downtime with a top rated ERP solution provider than with an on-premise system.  This is verifiable in most cases.

Cloud computing is only useful for SMBs

SMBs have been seen as a driver of rising adoption rates because cloud computing put ERP within reach for businesses who couldn’t afford it before.  However, many large enterprises are adopting hybrid and two-tier models and making them work on a global scale.  Sure they aren’t abandoning their on-premise systems yet, but that’s because they serve a valuable function.  That doesn’t mean cloud doesn’t work for them.

Data isn’t Secure in the Cloud

The crowd favorite.  This, again, is verifiably not true.  You never hear news stories about SMBs losing their valuable data due to cloud theft because it doesn’t happen.  I did a couple of google news searches and literally didn’t find a single story about this.  Cloud data centers are truly some of the most secure places on the planet, physically and digitally.

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