Avoid ERP overload

ERP implementations are often rife with peril.  It doesn’t matter if you are adopting an on-premise or cloud ERP solution, it is going to be a very big project.  One of the things to avoid during the whole process is letting the project get bigger than it needs to be.  This is a great step to help the implementation avoid peril.  A recent article at Panorama-consulting.com discusses how the scope of an ERP project can grow and how to keep it from getting too big.

One of the things that makes a project outgrow itself is over-accommodation.  It is important to hear input from all departments and implement a solution that fits the needs of everyone across the organization, but you can’t make everyone happy all the time.  Without strong organizational change management and focus the concept of compromise can be lost and the scope of the project can grow out of scale and  out of hand.

It is better to make 100 percent of the organization 90 percent satisfied with new the ERP solution than to have 100 percent of the organization 100 percent dissatisfied because the project failed.  Some of the most common causes of an ERP failure are missing deadlines and going over budget.  Letting the scope of the implementation project outgrow its own usefulness is the surest way to accomplish both of these.

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