7 New Year resolutions for SMBs

Well we made it to 2013 and it just would not be a new year without some New Year’s resolutions.  With the dawn of a new year people are looking for ways to better themselves and their businesses.  So, it seems appropriate to make a few business resolutions.

Business-software.com recently published a blog with six best practices for invoicing that make for some pretty good resolutions that will keep your business organized.  I have added one.

  1. Resolve to focus on clarity—be detailed and concise with itemization
  2. Resolve to keep financial expectations clear—Make payment method, due date and penalties clear and easily visible
  3. Resolve to be prompt—deliver bills and invoices within 24 hours of a chargeable event
  4. Resolve to stay organized—standardize forms and tracking services
  5. Resolve to keep a marketing mindset—give your documents a professional appearance and feature the company logo
  6. Resolve to go paperless—the less paper you use the more time and money you save
  7. Resolve to embrace the cloud—it is 2013 and the era of the cloud has truly begun.

Cloud-based ERP software can help your business accomplish these resolutions and start the new year off with cutting edge business solutions.


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