Winds of change for cloud computing-2012

A few years ago, when “cloud computing” became a part of the vernacular, it was heralded as the next evolution in computing.  Of course not everyone agreed with this.  Despite early fears and naysaying cloud computing—and an understanding of cloud computing—has finally reached a level where it is a safe to say predictions were right.

The past year has been a transformative one in this regard and has a list of 2012 trends that made it so.

  • Confidence in the cloud has increased when it comes to using cloud computing for mission-critical applications.
  • The public cloud market grew faster than ever.
  • Cloud technologies were leveraged in application development thanks to speed, cost-savings, reliability and security.
  • Cloud became viewed as the best alternative when it comes to support, monitoring and data management.
  • And big data is anlaysis continues to be driven to news levels thanks to cloud computing.

At this point there is little question about the viability of cloud-based technology from business solutions all the way down to the personal use market.  If 2012 was the year we saw cloud mature and earn acceptance, 2013 will be the year we see how cloud adoption will influence the technology markets.


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