Top-down success with new software implementation

For start-ups, choosing an ERP cloud solution or some form of software-as-a-service model is really a no-brainer.  Less up-front cost.  Fast and simple deployment.  And software like Dynamics provides an interface that most employees will feel familiar with.

But what about established SMB’s with trusted legacy software?

There are plenty of reasons why organizations need regular software upgrades to stay competitive and a cloud solution can be the most effective way to this.  But managing the transition and bringing the entire staff on board will require some effort from the C-level decision makers. has some good advice on organizational change management.

Let’s face it—changing enterprise and accounting software will have at least some disruptive effects on any business.  Here are six keys Panorama offers that top management should keep in mind during a major software change.

  • Articulate the Vision: Communicate the urgency and benefits of the change
  • Leadership Engagement: Commitment to communication with employees, clients and suppliers
  • Define Checkpoints: Timelines, dashboards, and milestone goals should be understood by all
  • Create Short Term Wins: Create strategic milestones and announce them to all when they are met
  • Define Key Measures: Measure and report internal support and success of change on all levels

This can basically be summed up in once sentence:  Communicate in detail with your employees about every stage of the project from planning to successful completion.


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