Top 5 places to research ERP online

Before the internet, it was extremely difficult to reach a large audience without going through a publisher or mass-media outlet of some kind.  And that has been one of the major philosophical drivers behind internet media—the playing field has leveled off a little bit, and unless you live in North Korea any voice can now be made public.

The only problem with that is now any voice can be made public.  Yes, it is a double edged sword, especially when you are trying to do research on anything tech like ERP, ERP cloud or anything to do with enterprise software.

The fact is there is a bunch of people blogging on subjects that they have a lot of interest in, but not so much authority.   To help sift through the endless content here are some great sources on enterprise management and software.

Panorama Consulting’s ERP Blog
Panorama leads the independent consulting market in brand awareness and in trust by vendors as a 100-percent independent ERP consultancy.

David Linthicum’s Cloud Computing Blog
David S. Linthicum is the CTO and founder of Blue Mountain Labs and an internationally recognized industry expert and thought leader.

Brett Beaubouef’s ERP Blog
Beaubouef has been an ERP/COTS implementation practitioner and ERP advisor and leader for 20 years. Business Strategy Insights
Publishes blogs articles from a massive pool of highly qualified and experienced IT and business professionals on a variety of subjects.

Software Think Tank
Soaftware Think Tank independently publishes articles, case studies, guides, and how-to’s on all subjects that fall under the heading of business management.

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